Thursday, August 18, 2005

US State Demonyms: Just the List

Alabama = Alabamans, Alabamians
Alaska = Alaskans
Arizona = Arizonans
Arkansas = Arkansans
California = Californians
Colorado = Coloradans, Coloradoans
Connecticut = Connecticuters, Nutmeggers
Delaware = Delawareans
Florida = Floridians
Georgia = Georgians
Hawaii = Hawaiian
Idaho = Idahoans
Illinois = Illinoisans, Illinoisians
Indiana = Hoosiers
Iowa = Iowans
Kansas = Kansans
Kentucky = Kentuckians
Louisiana = Louisianans, Louisianians
Maine = Mainers, Down Easters
Maryland = Marylanders
Massachusetts = Bay Staters
Michigan = Michiganders, Michiganians
Minnesota = Minnesotans
Mississippi = Mississippians
Missouri = Missourians
Montana = Montanans
Nebraska = Nebraskans
Nevada = Nevadans
New Hampshire = New Hampshirites
New Jersey = New Jerseyites, New Jerseyans
New Mexico = New Mexicans
New York = New Yorkers
North Carolina = North Carolinians
North Dakota = North Dakotans
Ohio = Ohioans
Oklahoma = Oklahomans, Oklahomians, Sooners
Oregon = Oregonians
Pennsylvania = Pennsylvanians
Rhode Island = Rhode Islanders
South Carolina = South Carolinians
South Dakota = South Dakotans
Tennessee = Tennesseeans
Texas = Texans
Utah = Utahns
Vermont = Vermonters
Virginia = VirginiansWashington = Washingtonians
West Virginia = West Virginians
Wisconsin = Wisconsinites
Wyoming = Wyomingites


Anonymous said...

fix the illinois tag!

Dan said...

Thanks for noticing, d'oh! Sorry to all you Illinoisans, err, uh, Illinoisians?! There seems to be a discrepency as to which is the prefered form, but, hey, at least we finally get to pronounce that pesky silent "s"!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin - Cheese Heads

Steve Foerster said...

There's a joke going around that uses a particular demonym.

Anonymous said...


Caitlyn said...

Oh my goodness thank you for posting this. My friend and I sat in a car for a very long time trying to figure out what a member from each state would call themselves. Hha THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have no idea how much this list answers all the questions we've had over the years. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts: Mass-Holes

melissanott said...
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melissanott said...
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