Friday, January 26, 2007

Where to see snow in San Diego...?

I'm soliciting some advice here. Ever since Christmas, my kids have been talking nonstop about snowmen and snowflakes and other such snow-related things. In fact, Nolan has resorted to building snowmen in the backyard out of dirt clods (these are quite small snowmen) and empty nursery pots -- the kind for plants, including one gallons, five gallons, and the whopping 24" tree containers -- these snowmen can get quite large and elaborate, complete with athletic shoes and full-sized rakes in hand (click on the photo to see a larger image).

So, the next time we get a snowfall in the local mountains of San Diego County, where should I go to take my three kids (all under the age of five) to get a little dose of snow? All I need is a safe, flat area where they can make a snowball and a snowman, that's it.

Please be as specific as you can in describing your favorite spots. Thanks!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Now this is just ridiculous... a 45-degree spread?!

Okay, we San Diegans have very little, weather-wise, to complain about... so I'll call this mere observation.

Check this out... yesterday morning I woke up to a low of 26.2 on my outside thermometer. Come midday, we were at 71.5 - a whole 45-degree difference between low and high!


(Then this morning there was ice on the grass at Nolan's school and a sidewalk at Kennedy Park in El Cajon was a sheet of ice from the early morning lawn watering that spilled over onto the street. Brrrr...)