Friday, January 19, 2007

Now this is just ridiculous... a 45-degree spread?!

Okay, we San Diegans have very little, weather-wise, to complain about... so I'll call this mere observation.

Check this out... yesterday morning I woke up to a low of 26.2 on my outside thermometer. Come midday, we were at 71.5 - a whole 45-degree difference between low and high!


(Then this morning there was ice on the grass at Nolan's school and a sidewalk at Kennedy Park in El Cajon was a sheet of ice from the early morning lawn watering that spilled over onto the street. Brrrr...)

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kathy said...

Hi Dan. I saw Marj a few months ago and she said you blogged. It was so easy to find your blog. Just typed, "Dan Lai Berkeley" in google. I hadn't heard about the baby's name but I think your daughter put you at the top on google.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi before I forget.