Thursday, January 05, 2006


The Rose Bowl Game

The National Championship on the line

Three titles in a row also on the line

Darn that Vince Young and his insane ability to run the ball anytime, anywhere, into seemingly absolutely Trojan-less acres of the field last night. And you had to know that it was he who would take the ball in himself on that final play, so why didn't anyone just cover him?! Nine yards between the ball and the end zone and no one decides to pick him up personally!

Yeesh! I shall continue my sulking until next season. Seriously though, who's left at SC for next year? Reggie, gone. Matt, gone (though he seemed to check out two games early, if you ask me). LenDale, gone. Is it back to the doldroms of the 90s for the Trojans? Let's hope not.

Hey, maybe my Cal Bears will make a nice run at it next season.

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Anonymous said...

Hey ouch: I graduated in 1967. I've followed USC football from 1954. One of the beauties of college football is that new stars are born every year and old ones at best are around for three years in extreme cases for four. It is a revolving door. USC has one of the premier programs in the USA. We'll be back! Never conceed anything to Berkeley or fucla!