Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Speaking of the weather...

curwx_277x187Everytime I do it, I think, boy, is there really nothing else of substance I have to say to this person?

It's time for the madness to stop!

No more talking about the weather...


(yes, there has to be a but-clause because I know better than to corner myself into an absolute)

Okay, so no more talking about the weather unless there's something truly noteworthy about it that is directly affecting me, the person I'm talking to, or someone else I know personally. Certain other exceptions might include natural disasters or weather patterns threatening masses of humanity (e.g. category 5 hurricanes, magnitude 8.0 earthquakes, tsunami, etc.).

It's time to challenge ourselves to make real conversation or none at all. Saying, "isn't the weather great" in a place like San Diego is ridiculous and simply filler for lack of desire to make a real connection with someone.

All right, soap box is behind me.

(how's the weather where you're at, by the way?)

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