Wednesday, April 13, 2005

House painting is done!

As of 10:35 a.m., our house painting is completely finished! Our odd blue and blue-gray house has seen a radical transformation and now really feels like home (after having lived here for 14 months). The formerly stark white garage door as well as the front yard walls and iron railings have also been painted to match the house and roof for a crisp, clean look. We are gradually putting the front landscaping together and have already finished the rose garden alongside the main driveway, the patio area in front of the kitchen windows, and one of the larger planting areas in front of that. All our trees and roses have sprung back to life for a healthy run at the spring, summer and fall. And our Austrailian Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerfolius), standing prominently inside the driveway turnaround, just keeps getting taller every week - a serious grower that was needed practically no water since planting last year.

So, family and friends, drop by and visit us sometime.


JLai X2 said...

Great blog Dan. Are you going to post pictures of the house?

Dan said...

Jobo - you missed the links in the April 5, 2005 entry. Also, you can just go to the Lai.motif site, which is listed first in the "Links" sidebar on this blog.