Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chavez Ravine Deal

As if anyone needed an additional reason to severely dislike the Los Angeles Dodgers, let me take a moment to remind my gentle readers of the Dodgers and the Chavez Ravine Deal back in the late 1950s.

PHOTO CREDIT: Unknown photographer (United States), Eviction of the Arechiga family from Chavez Ravine so the Dodgers could build their stadium, May 8, 1959, photograph, 4 x 5 in., Regional History Center, Department of Special Collections

It's a story of broken promises, wicked land deals, slimy business proceedings, highly questionable political wrangling, mayoral lies, forceable evictions, eminent domain, and baseball. Now remember, I love baseball and I love my San Diego Padres - which should explain my distaste for that team 130 miles up Interstate 5.

But alas, this story, often forgotten, must be told and retold and is really quite well told by cartoonist Carlos Saldana in a wonderful Flash-animated cartoon you can watch on your computer by clicking this link: The Chavez Ravine Story. The short of the story, however, is that basically the City of Los Angeles kicked out a huge group of Chicano Americans living self-sufficiently in the Chavez Ravine area -- three whole neighborhoods' worth! -- bulldozed their homes, and promised to rehouse them by building high rise public housing projects in their place. The city then proceeded to give the land (and more) to the Dodgers so they could own it and build themselves a field of dreams, Dodger Stadium. It is a tale of woe, indeed.

Go Padres! Beat L.A.!
(I'm talking about the L.A. Dodgers, not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, ha!)
((why can't we beat you guys this season?))


di said...

12-3 BABY! HMMMM...Padres 8-8. HAHA!

Dan said...

di - did you even read what the Dodgers did to those poor people? So sad, so sad (to be a Dodger fan).