Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Border 50 Fire - San Diego's first big fire of the season

5062448PHOTO CREDIT: Tecate Fire along the US-Mexico border -- the international border is the brown fence on the left (video still from KGTV Channel 10 San Diego)

Just a quick step outside tells the story: The filtered sunlight casts a faint red-brown hue on the skies, clouds, walls, and sidewalks. The hot, dry smell of smoke is ever-present while the tiny white specks of a distant ash-fall are unmistakable.

Now San Diego County has it's own fire to take care of. Early this morning a Santa Ana wind-driven fire broke out near Barrett Junction of State Highway 94 in south east San Diego County, not far from the Mexican border. (Actually, it's more like south central county, but we San Diego Metro-centric folks think central is plenty east to qualify as south east.) Then later this morning news was out that another, much larger fire was coursing northward from Tecate, Mexico, threatening to make a border crossing, which it did.

It's been officially named the Border 50 Fire and is 0% contained, or shall we say, completely uncontained, as of this moment. The fire (according to the CDF website) started at 9:17 a.m. and has currently burned 1,000 acres in Mexico and 500 acres in the US.

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