Friday, October 07, 2005

College Football: UC Davis Stuns Stanfurd, 20-17

faletoese-sack-lgPHOTO CREDIT: Who are those guys in gold? And what is he doing to that poor little Stanford guy? (UC Davis, 9/17/05)

I must really not be paying attention to let this gem cross below my radar. Or maybe it's just that my radar doesn't go so low as to pick up anything of note down on the farm. In fact, I'm reporting this a full 3 weeks tardy!

On one September Saturday evening in Stanford Stadium, the unlikely happened. The UC Davis Aggies football team, making the transition from Division II to Division I-AA, took on the Stanford Cardinal in what should have been a laugher for the boys in red. That wouldn't happen. Even with the Cardinal taking a strong lead, 17-0 deep into the second quarter, it wasn't going to happen, because the mighty-mighty Aggies would find a way to storm back with 20 unanswered points to march away in victory. Cue: UC Davis fight song. Oh, wait. Does anyone even know the Davis fight song? Really, should anyone know it? Or, do they even have one? No matter.

Indeed, as one San Francisco area headline says it, "Stanford football: Making history for all the wrong reasons."

Go Bears! Grrrr-rah!

Just so nobody takes offense, the Aggies do indeed have a fight song. You can hear it here, and find out more about their marching band here.

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Nina said...

Lift up your voices, Now's the time to sing
Today is the day the victory bell will ring
Loyal Aggies, All for one
Never stopping, Till we're done

That's all I can remember. I'm spent :)